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An eye emergency can occur anywhere, including at work, home, or while playing sports. If you sustain an injury to your eye, there’s no time to waste. Without proper treatment, eye damage can cause a partial loss of vision or sometimes permanent blindness.

Contacting your optometrist should be one of the first steps of action you take. At Stoney Creek Optometry, we’ll promptly accommodate your request for emergency eye care.


Symptoms of an eye emergency depend on the incident causing the injury. They typically include one or more of the following:

  • A sudden loss of vision
  • A foreign object stuck in the eye
  • Redness, bleeding, or oozing discharge in the eye
  • Blurry vision or flashes of light
  • Eye scratches or infections
  • Orbital bone fractures
  • Chemicals in the eye
  • A rapid increase or changes in eye floaters (spots in your vision)

Most types of eye emergencies can be handled at an optometry office. Eye doctors have specialized experience regarding eye injuries and are well-versed in the latest treatments.

But if you have a life-threatening eye injury or eye condition, call 911 or go to an emergency room or urgent care centre.


Getting something in your eye is one of the most common eye injuries. This injury can be caused by something small like sand or dust or larger foreign objects such as glass or metal.

You can try removing something small by blinking – but do not rub. Flushing your eye with cool water or artificial tear drops can help rinse it out. If irritation continues, seek medical care.

You should not try to remove larger foreign objects stuck in your eye. Instead, try to move your eye minimally while seeking medical care.


When you have an eye injury, do not treat yourself. Avoid rubbing or applying pressure to your eye, and do not apply any ointment or medication to the eye area. If a foreign object is stuck in any part of your eye, leave it there until you’re seen by a professional.

If you’re wearing contact lenses, leave them in unless you have a chemical injury. If you take them out, you risk making your injury worse.


Although you can’t always prevent an eye injury from happening, there are tips you can follow to decrease your risk. Some of them include:

  • Wearing eye protection when operating power tools or playing high-risk sports
  • Keeping projectile toys and sharp instruments away from children and teaching older kids how to use them safely
  • Being cautious when cooking with grease and oil
  • Following the directions on cleaning and chemical supplies
  • Staying away from amateur fireworks

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